ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT For organizational leaders that are looking to take their organization to the next level of performance and impact.  

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT For organizational leaders looking to help distressed or hard to reach employees increase their individual performance and contribution. 

 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT  For leaders of intentional communities and community projects that are just beginning, or looking to become more sustainable over the long term.  

Looking to achieve the level of performance required to stay competitive and supported?

We provide customized consultations with organizations to clarify, integrate, and achieve impact by aligning strategy, focus, process, culture and resources.

Clients include for profit organizations, non profit organizations, and those that fund them including county and state agencies, foundations, corporations, and individual donors.

Is turnover the only possibility for distressed or hard to reach staff members? What if there was a way to tap into their full potential?

We provide a structured focus, direction and guidance to employees and supervisors to breakthrough to higher levels of performance at work and in life.

Clients include: small, medium and large organizations looking to invest in the performance of one or more of their employees.


Does your community struggle to get it's members to act in everyone's best interests? Is it unsure how to be sustainable when resources are dwindling and politics keep changing?

We guide grass roots efforts and initiatives that engage residents and other community members to create sustainable community solutions. Targeted to communities looking to better guide their own future through their own local efforts.

Clients include; municipalities, non profits, community based service groups, and giving organizations that support sustainability and social justice.

Wendy & Dave are incredibly strategic and intuitive leaders. I have worked with them on both a professional and personal consulting level, and am most impressed by their ability to ask probing questions that lead to new discovery; they do this in a way that is very encouraging and supportive. This is a skill to prompt new thinking and do it in a way that makes the client feel excited about learning more and take the next step, whether it is related to impact measurement or self discovery
— Kori R. - Conagra Foods