Does it feel like your organization, community or people are  just surviving?

Are you struggling to find a clear path to follow for growth and thriving?

Will you succeed on the journey to higher impact if you go it alone?


Don't go it alone. Partner with us for the journey.

We Guide Organizations, and Communities to ‘Thrive’

Frontier Consulting Group offers a variety of change management services  to organizations, communities and those that lead them, to increase their performance and impact.


Our Services

We provide guidance from initial assessment throughout implementation, while helping you to measure the impact of the changes you make.

   Areas of focus include:

  • Impact Framework Development 

  • Process Refinement

  • Employee Engagement

  • Cultural Improvement

  • Professional Development

  • Sustainable Community Development



Our Philosophy: 

In all of our work, we have found that ‘thriving’ happens when these questions are clearly answered and acted upon:

Why are we here and how do we know when we’ve been successful?

What beliefs are we operating from and which ones should we act on that will most help us achieve success?

What do we specifically want to achieve by when, and what is the best way to get there? 

Who is involved in success achievement and how can we best use and build our strengths together?

These questions flow through all of our work

and keep us focused on what is most important


Benefits to Organizations and communities we work with

  • Take ownership for what is happening in their situation
  • Generate new energy and ideas for themselves and others
  • Understand their power and what they are capable of
  • Demonstrate greater competence and confidence
  • Feel good about themselves and the impact they are co-creating 
  • Achieve measurable results that are in alignment with their preferred future
  • Communicate success in ways that builds buy-in and support
  • Build new strength and capacity for ongoing self support