Are you not yet achieving impact at the level required to stay competitive and supported?

Are you struggling to integrate impact into both process and culture?  

Have other change efforts to increase impact fallen short?


Realigning for Impact    Create Change That ‘Sticks’


Impact Alignment

Define and Measure What Matters

Without a clear idea of the impact we want to have, it is difficult for us to even know when we have crossed the finish line! In these interactive sessions, Sr. Management and departmental leaders assess the current landscape and determine the key impacts that the organization is committed to strive for and the best strategies to achieve them. Impact determines what success looks like from giving, programs or products for customers, staff, and other key stakeholders. Proven practices are used to measure impact, link it to strategy and put learning into action  – both externally and internally.

Process Alignment

 Increase productivity and customer or participant satisfaction

Improving, integrating and aligning key work flows can bring everyone back on to the same page again while increasing productivity and consistency with customers, program participants and other key stakeholders. Focused work sessions with knowledgeable staff define current processes and areas for improvement. All staff is invited to launch short term process improvements to test out solutions with management support. Solutions that work are supported for further implementation.

 Cultural Alignment

Improve morale and employee engagement

A series of interactive work sessions with leadership and then all staff, create the guiding values (in the form of beliefs and behaviors) for everyone to operate with. The Random Acts of Community™ program provides a way to acknowledge positive behavior change in a non-competitive way. Each time employees demonstrate alignment within the organizational culture they also contribute to a community based asset or local effort (i.e. a home, a playground, community center, food pantry, homeless shelter, etc.). Employees get 'caught in the act' of being a positive force, and when one person contributes, it automatically contributes to the greater good.

Resource Alignment

Increase staff energy and performance

When staff energy is aligned with the work at hand, productivity and creativity is greatly increased. Staff energy is identified through an experiential session to define personal preferences. The organization then invests in each staff person by supporting a personal development plan that benefits both the organization and the individual. The plan outlines where the staff person’s energy and interests are and then connects those to the current year’s ‘goals in four areas; customer results, personal results, new skills, life-balance. Quarterly development reviews enable managers to tap into staff energy and keep results on track.


Wendy and Dave are passionate, determined, and ingenious. In the years that we worked together, they faced no challenge that they could not embrace and master. I often counted on their ability to understand both our client’s business processes, but also how the client’s software should work for any user — from the president of the company to the lowliest data entry worker. Many times I depended on their creative solutions and business wisdom for guidance. A master of leveraging available resources, they generally turned lemons into lemon cheesecake.
— Chris B

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